Earth Poem Spiritual Poetry

Earth Poem. Climate change and global warming are here, save yourselves
save the planet. Spiritual Poetry to inspire us to help any way we can.

earth poem
Inspirational Spiritual Poetry

I’m Earth Poem

I am Earth, what you are mining is mine.
Take my trees. Take my forest.
The tides will change.

There comes a time, where I react to the hurtful abuse.
It’s a ruse! I have reached the point of no return.
I’ve been burning too long. No more strong.
To their surprise, many knew, many shall rise.

In the background working hard to keep the illusion and duality.
In the foreground fighting hard-working to break the confusion.
To heal the wounds of manipulative mind control.

The suit and tie. Money and guns.
Not enough to make us run, nor fault for temptation.

Honesty sweet contemplation on our side.
A domino of higher consciousness spread all around the world.

Empires will fall and a few will want to maul.
Change is evident, social disarray, chaos before the calm.

A new understanding of life and society places us in a state of sobriety.
Free from the ills of theft and slavery.

Planet Earth needs us now, right now.
The rise of the light. – © Earth poem by Ian Scott

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