Eclipse Oracle Card Meaning

Psychic Awareness Oracle

Eclipse oracle cards meanings
Nature’s Oracle Card Eclipse

Nature’s Oracle Card Meaning


Things that have been hidden to you will soon be revealed
Caution!. Do not act until all is seen and consumed.
Contemplation is required before clarity can prevail.

Fend off the feeling of separateness and allow unity
to guide you, this will bring the most positive outcome.
Put into practice, unconditional love.

44 Nature’s Oracle Cards Psychic Development

 Nature’s Oracle Cards
by psychic medium, Ian Scott / Thrive on Australia.

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Ian created Thrive on spiritual magazine to share love, light and truth. Ian’s amazing psychic ability and his warmth and compassion for others is well known. Ian has helped many people find their way again spiritually after grief and loss of a loved one. Ian is a popular Australian psychic medium and has over 30 years of experience and is an amazingly accurate Psychic Medium. His intuitive connection with a clear direct channel brings forth past lives, messages from beyond and emotional healing.

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