Ehwaz Rune Stone Meaning

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Ehwaz Rune Stone MeaningEhwaz Rune Stone Meaning

Ehwaz Rune Stone Meaning and the spiritual esoteric influences for divination purposes. From the Viking alphabet the Elder Futhark. Connections with the horse totem and the apple tree. Harmony is the essence of Ehwaz the rider and horse feeling each other on a spiritual level. Creating perfection and enlightenment within the ride. Ehwaz, for this reason, brings with it the energy of speedy movement, a collective of things occurring relatively at the time.

Making life around you exciting with an expectation of a bright future ahead. Symbolising loyalty and friendship Ehwaz suggests partnerships have quite a big influence. This rune also warns of finding trustworthy people to deal with.



 Phonetic: E
God: Freya
Keywords: Movement, horse, speed
Symbolic Meaning: Horse
Element: Earths creatures
Health: Back and Neck
Polarity: Feminine & Masculine

Magical Uses Of Ehwaz Rune

As a talisman Ehwaz boosts communication skills, with an outward energy toward the person you’re talking to. Aiding in a more rewarding conversation or business deal. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.Nature’s Oracle Cards

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