Electric Cars The Big Joke

electric cars joke
Electric Cars Are Not Green Until They Are Self-Charging.

Volvo has just announced that by the year 2019 they will only produce hybrid electric cars. A number of car companies have released a hybrid electric vehicle including BMW, Honda and the list is ever growing. Car companies and people alike are branding these cars as green and good for the environment. Let’s unpack this a little.

Power Electric Energy

Electric cars are the future clean but not entirely green. Are car companies held to ransom by the oil and coal industries? Because if you drive a petrol powered car you are using the earth’s oil resources and if you drive an electric car you are also using the earth’s coal resources. There is no difference both of these are designed to make the consumer pay for continuous driving, whether it be petrol or electricity. Tesla must also have shares in the coal industry. Movement is all that is required to create energy once there is movement there is a continuous source of energy. For hundreds of years, we have had alternators in our vehicles charging our batteries. Alternators work simply by movement.

The technology already exists think about it what does a generator do? create electricity from movement. What does an alternator do? Create electricity from movement. What happens when you take off your woollen jumper you create electricity from movement.

There is no need to charge an electric vehicle it is a moving object capable of generating enough electricity to power three cars. To the car companies producing these vehicles once the car moves off the production line and is sold that’s their job done. The 1% of the world who own the oil and coal industries don’t want you to have an electric car which needs no charging. Hence our biggest joke the electric car movement.

Electric Cars Not Green

An electric car runs on electricity, electricity produced by burning the earth’s coal resources. I cannot believe this seems to be escaping people’s minds, claiming electric cars are green. Burn coal or oil what is the difference I ask? It’s not that we haven’t got the technology to build a self-charging vehicle.

If we have awareness of what the whole scam is and refuse to accept this kind of money hungry tech the closer we actually get to have a real green self-charging electric car. Electric cars are the future but not like this, this is just another way to charge us for ongoing costs to keep the 1% of the world wealthy.


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