End The Fed 2015

End the Fed
End The Federal Reserve 2015


The Federal Reserve Banking System established on the
23rd of December 1913.

Let’s Make this Global. March around the Federal Reserve Bank
In your city December 23 rd 2015 let’s say End The Fed together.
This is a worldwide problem that needs the worlds attention !

American’s are also putting a hole in their one dollar bill in
protest via a hole punch in the illuminati eye above the pyramid.

End The Fed on Russian TV.

Australia Federal Reserve 2015

65 Martin Place SYDNEY
12 Creek Street BRISBANE
60 Collins Street MELBOURNE 
20-22 London Circuit CANBERRA
45 St Georges Terrace PERTH
25 Grenfell Street ADELAIDE

World Wide
505 Fifth Avenue, 16th Floor NEW YORK
Basildon House 7 Moorgate LONDON

Australia’s Federal Reserve Banking System

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