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Call Of The Lightworkers

Enlightenment We are all created with an inherent illumination.
Call of the lightworkers. A spiritual awakening and ascension process.

Ascension Has Begun Call Of The Light Workers

Call of the lightworkers. We are all created with an inherent illumination… So why does this state they call enlightenment to seem so unattainable to most when this light is fundamentally what we are.. Call it light, prana, Ki, universal life force – it is the spiritual energy that surrounds our very soul and fills everything within existence.

When we dissect the word en-light-en-ment. En is a prefix meaning within, Light = to furnish with light or to illuminate. And meaning is a suffix of nouns often denoting an action or resulting state. A product of action.

It’s up to you to determine how brightly you let your light shine and if you share it with the world or not. Loving light and direction of that light to those around us and for the healing of all mankind is a conscious decision made by the enlightened one.

The concept of light has played an important part in the world’s spiritual texts. In Kabbalah, the mystical spiritual teaching, light is a spiritual energy that surrounds the soul ( Aura ). In fact, this light is considered to be universal energy that surrounds and fills everything, It can be defined as universal wisdom.

The Kabbalah believes that developing a connection with the source of energy is an essential part of our spiritual evolution. The light of Buddha is said to be beautiful, extremely powerful incomparable of infinite splendor and infinite brilliance in some texts Buddha is called the king of light.

A Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual teachers who emanate this light are said to be enlightened beings. In their presence, we feel their peace, their compassion, their love. In truth, we are all enlightened. The difference is that these teachers who appear to be enlightened beings are always aligned with their inner light and know how to stay connected as they share their illuminated presence with everyone they meet.

There is a light within each of us that can never be diminished or extinguished. It can only be obscured by forgetting who we are. We are brilliant enlightened spiritual beings angels created with the divine spark that lights the flames of love and joy throughout the world and the universe.

Lets set the magic tone of intention to use our own light to heal. To share our light of love, peace, and joy as we do, we will find our own lives and relationships also healing and prospering.

A Druid Rising of Love, Light, and Truth. We the people are the lightworkers of Mother Earth return to our sacred roots raising the lightworkers around the Oak for we gather as a universal village to bring peace, truth, and harmony to ourselves and our planet we are all a part of Nature’s Oracle. Tap into your inner Druid. Love and Light –  Jyoti Eagles – Ian Scott

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