The Exchange Of Signs – Astrology December

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December Astrology
On the 4th of December Mars moves into Aquarius forming a mutual opposition with Uranus in Aries.  It will remain in this sign for a couple of years, and Uranus is in Aries until March 2019. When two planets are in each others sign of ruler ship like this, (Mars rules Aries and Uranus rules Aquarius), some astrologers say they will strengthen and provide assistance to each other if not adversely aspected. 

Ancient astrologers called this an exchange of signs and believed they take on each others attributes in a way. Fire (Mars) and Air (Uranus) are naturally drawn to each other, so this combination will flow easily – if anything can flow when Uranus is around. When they are in opposition the planets oppose their natural house, creating tension.

Whenever Mars and Uranus are in aspect of any kind we can expect disruptive forces, sporadic and eccentric action.  It is a rebellious energy giving us all the courage to act independently and stand up for a cause we believe is for the betterment of all – but it can sometimes express itself as shocking anger or violent outbursts.

After the Grand Cross of April which launched the breaking down and exposure of government bodies and the corruption in the world, this current aspect is pushing people to stand up to these authorities and fight for their independence and the for a humanitarian outcome. It gives us the ability to act outside of what society expects. Following orders becomes intolerable under this influence and people will refuse to submit to authority figures. There will be rebellion.

With all this Aquarian energy, technology will also be in the forefront.  Fringe activities and humanitarian groups will appear.  We will act on our sudden insights and intuition, suddenly knowing exactly what to do and then doing it.  It indicates advanced reform. I do love astrology.  No wonder our ancestors attributed them with godly qualities. They are the bards of the skies, master story tellers. We just have to learn to listen. – Jyoti Eagles


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