March : Horoscopes 2013

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Aries – Mar 21 – Apr 20

This month starts off nice and quiet.  Not to your liking?  Well just you wait… wait until around the 21st when all hell breaks loose and you’ll be hanging on for one crazy ride Rambo!  So keep yer pistol in yer pocket coz you ain’t gonna hit the mark if you go randomly firing off in all directions.  And stay alert from around the 25th – 28th when a dark and twisted shift in energy will test your inner strength.

Taurus – Apr 21 – May 21

After a month of soul searching and dealing with some pretty deep wounds, you now find yourself in recovery position.  Don’t get too comfy because an unstable shift of energy around the 26th onwards gets you a little hot under the collar.  But as you know, it’s a crazy, crazy mixed-up world, so don’t go doing anything rash Toro… or you might find the fallout a little hard to deal with.  Just chill it !.

Gemini – May 22 – June 21

Practice the art of silence for just a little longer… and wait until a shift in energy around the 17th when you can finally open that chatterbox of yours and get moving.  But patience will be a virtue because this clean-up process will take longer than you’d like.  In fact you won’t be out of the woods until the beginning of April so don’t go committing yourself to anyone or anything until then.

Cancer – June 22 – July 23

The month officially starts off for you around the 11th when the New Moon’s energy gets you looking far and heading towards some pretty awesome horizons.  Make hay while the sun shines Crab pot, because with the Full Moon on the 27th stressing you out more than you’d like, you’ll be pushed into taking your inner frustrations out on your loved ones at home.  Plan B?  Go for a swim and light a candle instead.

Leo – July 24 – Aug 23

Time to delve deep Pussy Cat… deep into the dark crevices of your oh so private life where silent and deadly changes are afoot.  But keep schtum for now Kitty because a shift in energy around the 21st will get your paws itching to travel far, far away and you don’t want to miss the boat.  PS. Keep diary notes on absolutely everything… that brilliant novella of yours is brewing away nicely.

Virgo – Aug 24 – Sept 23

As you continue to revamp all those lucky, lucky souls who come in contact with you, a shift in energy around the 21st will focus your perfect peepers on some dark and serious issues.  Financial and emotional intrigue feature… but don’t be tempted to talk turkey just yet.  Hold back Sweetheart and check the facts one more time because you won’t be in a position to say or sign anything until early next month.

Libra – Sept 24 – Oct 23

Sick and tired of always feeling sick and tired?  Well you’re almost through it, just a couple more detox sessions and you’ll be free.  Well that’s the plan anyways.  Just be prepared for a showdown by month’s end when your desire to break away from all constraints may get out of control and too much for others to handle.  Don’t be tempted to throw the baby out with the bath water… you need the baby.

Scorpio – Oct 24 – Nov 22

Stay on course this month and steady progress is guaranteed as long as you take any setbacks on the chin and use them to your advantage.  But be forewarned and forearmed because a shift in energy around the 25th will see you blindly groping your way through a maze of opportunities.  So resist the temptation to push forward regardless… wait until you have tested the confines of the envelope.

Sagittarius – Nov 23 – Dec 22

The Bigger Picture just continues to sweeten don’t it?  And sweeten some more, for you and your restless legs.  Just don’t sign or commit to anything until well after the 17th when you’ll be thinking a little clearer.  Look forward to the end of the month when a mixed bag of opportunities falls at your feet.  But steady goes it Silver… keep yer hooves on the ground and don’t get distracted.

Capricorn – Dec 23 – Jan 20

Time as always, is on your side but right now patience is not one of your virtues.   Delays are frustrating you but don’t worry because a little more planning and a little more refining will reap you the rewards you so desperately crave.  So take time out around the 21st for some R&R because after the 23rd a bi-polar shift in energy will test your fortitude and resolve.  Slow and steady wins the race.

Aquarius – Jan 21 – Feb 19

Right now, left to your own devices, you are happy as the proverbial pig in it.  But as the month progresses, more and more demands will press upon your strange shoulders and around the 22nd you may feel the need to explode (just to clear the air of course)… but others may think you’ve gone mad.  Think you’ve gone mad?  They just don’t know what genius is !.

Pisces – Feb 20 – Mar 20

Oh shucks… a big Happy Birthday to you Sweetlips.  And this birthday you may even get a few surprises as old friends drop into your life once again (from a past life?) to give and get some much needed healing.  You’ve never felt so compassionate and wounded at the same time and it would be a pity to waste it swimming around in your fishbowl.  Get out there and bliss the world !.

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