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Poem About The Fey Folk

faery folk

Aes Sidh is the Celtic word for faery
Meaning “The people of peace”

The veil between the humans and the faeries,
is only one of perception and focus.

The fey folk “the little people” supernatural creatures,
with magik in their hearts and enchantment in their hands.

The spellcasters of the magic circle,
creators of the vortex to hidden lands,
and manifestations of mystical proportions.

Showing themselves they do for fun,
try to follow and you will be the one to be on the run.

Maybe Dragonfly will be kind enough,
to show you the way to Faery Land.

Do not ask the pixies you will be left bewildered,
and lead astray, maybe never to return.

Magic C ircle

Find a circle of mushrooms or flowers,
that the little people make overnight,
with their magic faery dust.

Stand in the middle, of a magic faery circle,
eyes closed, hands out,
a vision of the faery land door will appear.

Find a stone with a naturally carved hole,
thread it with twine, use it as a talisman.

Hear the wind whisper through the stone,
creating a guided vibrational frequency for which,
you may follow the faery land door.

Careful it’s always guarded,
and the elves will check you have no iron.
To which you may leave the door ajar. – Ian Scott

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3 Responses

  1. Angela Sawyer

    Absoultely love this piece. I have a tree in my backyard I call the tree of three. It has three tunks growing from its one central trunk. I like to believe it is a doorway to the spiritual world of Faery.

    • Ian Scott

      How cool, there is Celtic folk lore that says the door to faery land is hidden in the base of the oak tree.

  2. Darlene Kesot

    Yep! Fairy folks are in the Oaks, Hawthorns, Ashes, Rowans, and other specific trees.