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Fixed Star Coxa

The Astrological influences and metaphysical meanings of the fixed star
Coxa for divination of the charts. by astrologer Crystal Gaze.

fixed star Coxa

Fixed Star Coxa

The massive fixed star Coxa (“Anointed One”) situated in the hip of the constellation Leo, 165 light-years from Earth. This strong and defiant star (two and a half times the size of our Sun and visible to the naked eye) releases mysterious and elusive energy onto the collective and its need for answers.

In ancient Sumeria this star was the god Kua (“the Oracle”) and whilst it bestows an ability to prophesy and shines brightly on all charismatic leaders, it is also destructive energy, disrupting the status quo.  Only those who are open to the vibrations of the universe and seek to create order out of chaos will stand a fighting chance. © Crystal Gaze Astrology

Fixed Stars Planets And Awakening

The fixed stars and planets play an important role in the understanding of ourselves and the universe. Learning about them is an awakening in itself. Begin now! prepare for the coming ascension acceleration process. Eat correctly, plenty of raw earth ingredients.

Drink plenty of Silica water. Exercise to become fit. All this is needed as our bodies, minds and spirits need to be strong enough to receive the full benefits of the awakening. And not fall in a drained heap at the end of the full moon eclipses. This marks the time when we’re asked by the divine yes or no to peace, healing prosperity and longevity for the earth. Universal karmic exams are now over it is time to receive our results and rewards. Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine

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