Fixed Star Al Waid Meaning

fixed star al waid
fixed star al waid

Fixed Star Astrology Al Waid

The fixed star Al Waid (“Who Is To Be Destroyed”) situated in the eye of the constellation Draco (Dragon) approximately 360 lights years from Earth.

Astrological and spiritual meaning fixed star Al Waid

This yellow binary star is extremely destructive if left untamed and aggressively seeks release in pure devastation. However, Al Waid also releases an artistic, emotional and penetrating energy which can be used to gain many friends and support.  So as the night sky darkens in the first few days of December, keep your mind clear and thoughts sober.  Practice the art of positive thinking and diffuse all that is negative and harsh. © Crystal Gaze

NB. Pluto (the Destroyer) aligned with Al Waid on 11th September 2001 (9/11)