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11 Free Online Oracles

Free Online Oracles Angel oracle card reading, Numerology daily oracle,
Tarot reading, Yes No oracle, Spirit Animal Oracle, psychic interpretations.

Free Online Oracles
Free online oracle card generators

Free Online Oracles Divination Readings

Eleven of the best free online oracles for you to delve into, from a one card oracle reading to two and three cards spread reading. All free online oracles are created and written © by psychic medium Ian ScottNature’s Oracle Cards


Aura Healing Colour OracleAura Healing Colour Oracle Free Online Reading

Free Online Aura Healing Colour Oracle Reading. Let the colour oracle reveal the colour to meditate upon and call into your aura for healing. With this two oracle card spread designed to entice the right energy into your aura space. Go To Aura Colour Oracle, Begin Now! >






angel oracle cardsFree Online Angel Oracle Cards Reading

Now is the time to celebrate and conjure the all-powerful angel within. Feel the deep placid tones of your heartbeat gravitate to the rhythm of the universe. In movement, ebb, and flow the universe thrives on cycles and rhythms. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and arms up reaching for the sky, feel the part you play in the rhythm, feel it from the centre of your being, scream I’m alive. Time to get in touch with our inner angel. Go To The Free Angel Oracle Card Reading, Begin Now >





astrology oracle cards free onlineAstrology Oracle Free Online

See what planets and fixed stars have a message for you today. Hit the shuffle button located under the astrology oracle card deck. Step two hit the flip card button on the right below the astrology oracle card deck. Research your answers using the table of contents below. To ask a question to the astrology oracle cards have the question in mind while hitting the shuffle button. Go To The Free Astrology Oracle Card Reading, Begin Now >





FREE TAROT READINGFree Tarot Reading Online

Free tarot reading online using the 22 major arcana. A three tarot card spread giving a complete story to your questions. Think of your question for a moment and hit the shuffle button located below the deck of tarot cards. Hit the flip card button located on the right below the tarot deck to reveal the tarot cards. To reveal the tarot card meanings, either click on the tarot card image or see the table of content below. Go To The Free Tarot Reading, Begin Now >





spirit animal oracle
spirit animal oracle

Spirit Animal Oracle Card Reading

Shuffle the deck by using the button below the deck. Hit flip card once you asked a question. Or alternatively, flip the card with no question in my mind to reveal secrets and messages about you and your surrounds. Guided by the spirit animals. Use the table index below to study what your spirit animals are saying to you, Go To Spirit Animal Oracle,  Begin Now >





numerology oracle free onlineNumerology Oracle Daily Energy

Numerology Oracle Free Online using number cards. The number oracle will predict the energy of your day giving you an armed approach to the day. Being able to prepare spirituality mind, body and spirit. Go To Numerology Oracle – Begin Now >




free online goddess oracle readingSister Circle Goddess Oracle Card Reading

Shuffle the cards using the text below the deck either click or tap depending on which device you’re using. Step two-click or tap the flip card text button below the deck on the right. This will reveal your goddess. Step three-click or tap on the goddess image to reveal the oracle card meaning. To retry, repeat the process. Use this as a daily inspirational oracle. Go To The Goddess Oracle Card Reading – Begin Now >




spiritual quote oeacleSpiritual Quote Oracle Reading

Use this spiritual quote oracle as a daily spiritual quote or wisdom and enlightenment session. Simply click the image below and the random spiritual quote generator will go to work. Click it again to shuffle the quote cards. Ask your guides or angels to intervene and show you an appropriate quote. One which helps you. Go To The Spiritual Quote Oracle Reading – Begin Now >



online yes no oracle readingYes No Oracle Reading

What is a Yes No Oracle? An old Gypsy fortune telling method providing a simple yes or no answer to your questions. Used for thousands of years in many different forms. This random yes or no card generator may help with decisions with your love life or career. Even though this is not a physical set of cards through which your energies connect. An online yes or no oracle works just a little different in your approach. Go To The Yes Or No Oracle Reading – Begin Now >



rune oracleOnline Rune Stone Oracle Reading

Shuffle cards using the button below rune oracle card deck. Hit flip and your three rune oracle card spread are revealed. Research the meaning of the rune stone using the index below. Close your eyes take a deep breathe and take a little time to tune in before you hit flip card. Go To The Rune Stone Oracle Reading – Begin Now >




ogham oracleOgham Oracle Reading

Each Ogham oracle card contains a sacred tree click or tap the shuffle cards button below the deck. Click or tap the flip card button found on the bottom right below deck. Two oracle cards are shown read the trees together as a combined answer. to gain spiritual insight and wisdom form the tree meanings. When choosing close your eyes and relax and tune in. The sacred trees will share their insight with you, offering spiritual guidance. Go To The Ogham Oracle Reading – Begin Now >







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