Frog Spiritual Meaning

Frog Spiritual Meaning Signs Symbols What does finding a dead frog mean?
Animal spirit medicine frog is a powerful transformation within the soul beckoning a resurrection.

frog signs and symbols
Frog signs and symbols

Frog Spiritual Meaning Signs Symbols

Frog totem animal initiates powerful transformation within the soul, beckoning a resurrection a reemergence of the true self to the surface. Frog spirit animal often appears in our dreams or showing itself to us physically when we are ready to move on from a dramatic experience in our lives. We may have been living this unhealed cycle for many many years. Ask yourself are you denying yourself happiness and experiences.

Frog Animal Spirit Medicine

The magic found in the frog totem is her innate ability to connect with all living things. Holding the element of water and symbolizing the feminine energy of the goddess frog spirit animal has much to teach. The Frog appears in times of major change which is strongly connected to the emotions, and the sentimental side of us.

Frog Spirit Animal Message

The spirit animal totem frog cleanses, purifies, and softens hardened wounds healing the soul from the past forward. Spiritual understanding, solitude, peace of mind, and a clear consciousness is the Frog totems message.

Meaning Of A Frog Crossing Your Path

When the Frog leaps out in front of you crossing your path it is a sign you need to slow down. Hazards, obstacles, and danger are found in recklessness and an untrained mind. Be cautious of your surroundings using the power of observation to secure your safety.

Frog Inside The House Meaning

Finding a frog inside the house has fertility meanings behind it, perhaps a new baby is about to enter the home. Often this is a sign of very young children, the Frog is greeting the babies offering protection and peace. A true blessing your children watched by angels and kept safe by the Frog Clan. After all, a clan of frogs making an alarm sound at once is enough to alert you.

Meaning Of Frog On Doorstep

A Frog appearing on your doorstep is about a change of address moving residents, usually for the better. As the frog is saying time to move a more rewarding and fulfilling place awaits, jump on for the change. Frogs appearing in your yard or around your house have a similar meaning although you may feel as though you don’t need to move yet.

What Does Finding A Dead Frog Mean

The caution involved here pertains to your character and personality. Take a look at who you are honest, and then perceive yourself as others do. If these two are not aligning some inner spiritual work is needed to shift the balance.

Stepping On A Frog Meaning

Stepping on a frog is a bad omen. It signifies your hurting people in your life. Look at the ones you love, do you treat them with love and respect or are you stepping all over them. A time for self-reflection and to realize how others see you.

© as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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  1. Hi, Beverley sorry for the late reply sometimes I can’t get back to everybody. The answer is there in the article fertility means a spark of life a new beginning, a start of a new project. Frog, is giving you her blessing.

  2. Hi Ian I have confirmed my follow of this page but I haven’t seen a reply from you as of yet. Have I not confirmed correctly ?

  3. Hi Ian, I awoke this morning to find a frog in my kitchen, My cat came and told me it was there, I caught it in my hand and released it in the direction of a neighbours pond. I’m 47, live alone quite happily both my children are adults now. I’m starting up my hypnotherapy buisness, I am very spiritual and getting mentoring for my mediumship… I was just wondering what it could mean for me ?
    Many thanks

  4. Its been so long and i still keep wondering, why Frogs keep visiting my bedroom either i’m outside or inside my bedroom when the fact i always close the door and they always find way to go inside, Why not other bedroom, why mine? there are times i caught them staring at me and then i stare back asking about what and why’s but they just listen and stare at me, I guide them to the door but they insist to go different direction inside my bedroom. I was wondering why?

  5. A frog on the doorstep is an indication one is moving residents. Frog warns of this for you to be prepared. You have to be thinking of moving either its coming.

  6. Hi Bri, more along the lines of a frog on your doorstep though in your case the car. Frog, is warning you of troubles with your vehicle a change of car is most likely.

  7. Hi Ashley, this is an omen about moving house as frog warns you this is coming its still on its way. Frog brings balance to our home life. If that balance is not there things will change.

  8. Every night it’s the same 2 frogs outside my house one jumps on the porch and one jumps around the front yard EVERY NIGHT around 8:30 what does this mean

  9. A frog was on my car as i was driving today and eventually it jumped off. Then tonight one jumped on me in the middle of the night as I was trying to go back to sleep. It scared the mess out of me. What does this mean?? I read that it could mean fertility or a baby coming but I really don’t think that im pregnant, or at least my body isn’t acting that way.

  10. Two months ago we had a frog at front door. Then maybe a month ago another frog in are second story bedroom somehow and now tonite there is one sitting at are front door facing away toward the stairs like a sentry at are door. We’ve been discussing moving out West and just found out my wife is pregnant. I can’t make this stuff up! Idk what made me think this was an omen and google it. But I did and I found your page! If I wasn’t a believer, I am now! Thank you!

  11. We had a brightly green tree frog at our door coming home Monday night and we were so happy and excited to see it there I instantly took it as a good sign as we are getting ready to list our home… Wednesday night we come home a different frog is next to our door on the siding but this one was grey and some green with warts not nearly as vibrant… any change in meaning there?

  12. What in your life are you throwing away but really shouldn’t? Don’t throw people out of your heart. And don’t be so cruel to nature do you feel flushed down the toilet.

  13. I saw a white frog on my bedside…i took it and flushed it in the toilet.2 days laters…the same frog was back on my bedside..i took again and throw it out side the window…few days later…the same frog was back on my bedside…now it was scaring me…i took it and throw it away..but this time..if was far away from my house…but it came back…same frog same size same colour!! What does this mean!! Please!

  14. All the meanings of frog. There is obviously a big change coming. A way of lifestyle and living. Frog is asking you to make things easier around you.

  15. My wife and I had encounters with 3 frogs on the span of 3 hours what dies this mean. First one was on a rocking chair outside at a resturant we frequent, second one was on the top section of the glass on ur sliding glass door where we enter our home when we returned home from the resturant. Then my wife awoke me a few hours later in the middle of the night a frog was inside the rings holding our shower curtain in our master bath. There were no obvious ways that the frog could enter or climb and get inside the rings in the middle of the shower curtain rod. Please let us know what this means.

  16. I was away and just outside the restaurant i had a dried up almost dead if not dead frog below where i was standing, I left it and told the staff to remove it. The very next evening the exact same place the frog was again there, I am not sure if it was the same one I doubt it but this one was alive but clearly dying and I found this bone chilling. A sign… What could this mean spiritually. I do know when a female frog has given birth in extreme temperatures she becomes dehydrated and often die.

  17. What dose it mean to have a frog jump on you more than once in the same night in. Your bedroom

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