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Full Moon April 2018 Astrology

Full Moon April 2018
Full Moon April Meaning 2018

The full moon April 2018 is set to be full of surprises which will uplift and empower. A strong feminine influence encompasses this April full moon with the goddess shining brighter than ever. A time to embrace the subtle softness of humanity and compassion. A beautiful time to watch revolutions unfold before our eyes. A full moon occurs when the sun and moon are in direct opposition to each other. The light reflected off the moon from other planets and stars to earth brings powerful cosmic influence into our lives.

Full Moon April 2018 Astrology Influences

This month the full moon falls on the 30th AEST in the sign of Scorpio at 9° with the sun in the sign of Taurus. With the strong headed practical Taurus opposing the aloof mysterious Scorpio, we have a true yin-yang situation. While some may find this April full moon dark and emotional others will find a great mind body spirit balance. And a power to boot their cause or spellwork into reality.

April full moon 2018 aspects Moon sextile Saturn. The balance of equality is and will continue to shift. The omnipresent energy this full moon weaves a web around all that is to the far right and far left. Showing all of us where our middle line is. Enabling a feminine energy to equal its rival counterpart.

Moon quincunx Venus. The Goddesses speak to the world loud and clear with precise communication. Enter the shift of consciousness one from power greed and overwhelming masculine energy. To one of love compassion and honesty. If you fight this you will be left behind in this month’s darker energy.

full moon april meaning

Full Moon April 2018 Spiritual Meaning

Relieve yourself from past emotional turmoil. Now is the ideal time to relinquish sad and oppressive energy. Look now into the future put all exhausting matter behind you. Time to heal time to move forward. A tremendous amount of positive psychic energy lies before us to utilize this April full moon. We must embrace and conjure our inner witch angel or wizard into the power of unity for together we can make change.

The April full moon 2018 reminds us of our own inner angels. Give people a reason to believe in angels be that angel others are needing. Through this, you empower yourself and all others around you. Creating a mass consciousness of love compassion and healing. Go forward out into the light and make it even brighter. The Gods and Goddesses talent scouts are recruiting. Before you go! have a little free reading, pick a sacred tree from the Ogham Oracle online for some more personalized spiritual wisdom > © from psychic medium Ian Scott. Subscribe its free > or Join us on Facebook for the latest moon posts >

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