Full Moon April 2015

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Full Moon Meaning Astrology

full moon meaning april 2015
Full Moon Meaning Astrology

Full Moon In Libra 5th of April AEST

Total Lunar Eclipse

This month’s full moon falls on the 5th of April which brings with it a total lunar eclipse. The energy of this will be the full moon super-charged as it puts a cap on last month’s powerful triple whammy of the Solar eclipse on the dark moon which fell on the equinox. When the sun and moon oppose each other each month we are asked to find the balance between the signs in which they fall.

This month it will be Sun in Aries, with all that independence and pioneering spirit of the Ram – in opposition to an eclipsing Moon in Libra who looks to the other to teach them about love and balance. Librans sometimes follow where Arians tend to lead. Libra wants to discuss things (non stop) whereas Aires just tell you directly how it is. Librans can give their power away to the dream of love and Aries to the drama.

Jupiter is still skirting around the wings to bring a little luck and expansion and shine a larger than life light on whatever is going on in your life. Keep a journal this week because although things may seem supercharged on the day the eclipse, it will slowly reveal whatever has been hidden in the shadows of the moonscape. © by Astrologer Jyoti Eagles


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