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Full Moon August Meaning 2017

full moon August meaning

Full Moon August 2017 Astrology

This month’s full moon boasts a lunar eclipse on the 7th of August 2017, residing in the sign of Aquarius the water bearer at 15°. The full moon August sits directly opposite Mars the god of war with a flailing connection due to the lunar eclipse. Sun conjunct Mars brightens the energy output this month, charging and rejuvenating our batteries into action.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 11th of August in Virgo and runs through to September 5th, 2017 ending in the sign of Leo. Mercury retrograde energy effects this month’s full moon with positive vibrations bringing a cleaner cut to relationships and friendships that are no longer for our highest good. Uranus goes retrograde also on the 3rd of August 2017 in Aries. Augering further transitions of the soul by reflecting our negative behaviour back at us through others. Giving us an opportunity to advance spiritually by correcting and understanding our own negative behaviour.

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Full Moon August Lunar Eclipse Spiritual Meaning

A lunar eclipse helps evolve the soul by cleaning out the emotional cupboard, setting free out moded belief patterns and thought paths of negativity. A lunar eclipse completely blocks our connection with the moon for a moment or so, allowing us to reset our emotional self. A great time to find forgiveness for yourself and others through the knowledge that we all walk the learning path,

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Spell

The Full Moon August 2017 is a mover and shaker alright promoting strong energetic play between relationships and work. It will be a heightened time of emotions but these will be accompanied by learning, therefore, giving way to positive emotions to break through in the end. The key to this month’s full moon is to stay calm, cool, collected and focused on your goals no matter what circumstances may surround you. With relationships be extra patient and willing to take the time to think about how your partner or friend feels. Softening any negative energy between relationships during this time. This is also a fantastic way to learn more about listening and communicating with others.

Full Moon Meditation Technique

Meditation during the full moon August lunar eclipse will raise your spiritual energy and heighten your intuition. A perfect time to lift your higher consciousness and psychic energy for inspiration and physical strength. The spiritual message for August is accepting that people are different to you and to enjoy the differences with love and laughter. Transform as we are all butterflies. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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