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Full Moon December 2018 Astrology Reflections

Full Moon December 2018 Astrology
December full moon meaning

The Full Moon December 2018 Astrology and spiritual (0 degrees Cancer on the 23rd AEST) meaning. The December 2018 full moon in Cancer is the last moon phase in the present eclipse phase which started with the July 2018 Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. as channelled from psychic medium Ian Scott.

Full Moon December 2018 Astrology Meaning

This December the full moon 2018 resides in 0° Cancer on the 23rd AEST. A nicely aspected full moon with a balanced practical energy, which drives us to push forward with strength and vigour. Toward achieving those things held locked and deep in our hearts. An emotional release.

Moon sextile Uranus combined with cancer add serious energy to relationships of all kinds. A time to heal, a time to forgive, a time to reach into ourselves and pull out our best. Showing not only ourselves but all those around us that strength lies in your truth.

Venus trine Neptune stimulates the heart chakra and revives love of all kinds. Grasp this aspect with joy and enthusiasm, to ensure romance, love and contentment surround you over the month of December. Take time out to appreciate those you love and care for. Let them know what you mean to them, bring this love all around you. Watch people reflect your enlightened energy.

Full Moon December 2018 Spiritual Meaning

The full moon December 2018 has a deep calming energy, with the ability to resolve complex problems through a relaxed concentrated trance-like focus. Tuning in spiritually this full moon and gathering its energy unto you will auger in a sense of freedom. A feeling you have broken the emotional chains which bind you. And no longer are you dragging a rock behind you.

If you are strong enough, if you are ready, now is the time to release yourself from the burden of negativity, shame and destruction. A fresh new approach to life is waiting for you to grab a hold of. Like the wind, we cannot see it directly, but we do see its path through movement. Be like the wind and keep moving, moving through all the things which hold you back. Now time to release them. Wrap your arms around the full moon and the holidays, embrace them, giving them life. In turn, the moons reflected energy will shine on you for now and the new year ahead.

Ascension Full Moon December 2018

This is an exciting time on earth as a collective whole. The depression, anxiety and mental illness gripping the world right now. Is a sign of our earth people awakening. Awakening to the fact as a collective the human race is unhappy with themselves. And how they approach the respect of life and all which is here on earth.

For now, this is what we are dealing with. The three, the trinity of destruction is to rise, be it sideways or straight up. Sadness, acceptance, action this is always the path. This full moon the trinity is unlocked for us the people of earth to move from sadness to acceptance. During the January full moon action hits our hearts. Time to change the planet and the attitudes of its people. To all the lightworkers many blessings and find strength now to aid those who fall behind. as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.