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Full Moon December Meaning 2017

full moon december meaning 2017

Full Moon December Meaning 2017 Astrology

The full moon December super moon 2017 Australia falls on the 4th at 2;47 am ADET. Residing in the sign of Gemini 11° with the astrological aspects of Moon square Neptune and Sun square Neptune. Just before the full moon occurs Mercury stations retrograde adding to the strength, diversity and influence of the powers of the moon.

Los Angeles – December 3rd – 7:47 am
New York – December 3rd – 10:47 am
London – December 3rd – 3:47 pm
Delhi – December 3rd – 9:17 pm
Sydney Australia – December 4th – 1:47 am

Full Moon December Spiritual Meaning

Moon square Neptune offers up a strong will and psychic energy. On a positive note, those attuned may use this extra energy to focus on their manifestations and create what they’re wanting. Negatively if your mind is clouded you are open to delusional energy a hypnotizing melancholy. Allowing others to manipulate and deceive you from your money or worse. Sun square Neptune serves up a powerful combination of love and passion. The twist is this energy is all-consuming and balances duality with extremism with equal force. Some will turn wolf on this December full moon letting their dark side take over revealing their true intent. Others will heighten their senses knowing a fox when they see one and love when love is most needed.

December Spiritual Meaning

This December full moon reminds us to stop once in a while pause rest and relax. To think about the things that mean the most to us, If we think long and hard enough we will always return to family friends and people in general. And of course the beauty of mother earth and the universe. Neither money nor possessions. With that in mind love yourself enough to love others. Share your love with everyone friend or foe. And good karma can do nothing but shine your way. This rather difficult but powerful full moon ruled by the Elder tree.

Protection shield affirmation December full moon. I’m in awe of the magic of life itself, I enjoy the thrill and excitement of each new moment, I feel at peace with a strong spirit, I travel with compassion trust and attract positivity, I feel safe in being spontaneous, I choose free will freedom love and frivolity. Repeat three times out loud remember and recite when you feel the need. Many blessings for the December holidays. © psychic medium Ian Scott.