Full Moon Energy December 2015

full moon december meaning
Full Moon Energy December Astrology

Full Moon Energy December Astrology Meaning

Moon energy December 25th full moon in Cancer 3°. Some warm cosy vibes this full moon focused on loving kindness to solve our communication problems with the ones who are close to us. A minor grand trine occurs on the December full moon forming a triangle between Venus, Mercury and Jupiter. With all beautiful aspects bouncing off each other, it is a good time to heal old wounds regarding relationships and family. Venus is midway between Mercury and Jupiter, making a symmetrical triangle called a Minor Grand Trine.

The Fixed star Tejat Prior the left foot of the northern twin in the Gemini constellation, shines her light on the December full moon. Complimenting our minor grand trine Mercury and Venus blend together with the full moon creating all the elements of love, devotion and meaningful relationships. Love blossoms with roses on the table this Christmas, give blessings to all those around you. In this way the fixed star Tejat Prior will work for you in a calm and resolving manner.

Full Moon Energy December Spiritual Meaning

What beautiful aspects for a December holiday full moon, a warm loving energy wafts in from the universe late this month. The turtle animal spirit guides us through this months full moon with her soft, subtle motherly tones.

Contemplation on the things that really matter, lead us to a need for developing our intuitive senses, instead of using mental judgement and intellectual reasoning. Time to give everything a fair hearing, assuming the feminine aspect of ourselves open, free and receptive.

Spiritual Ascension Energy December 2015

After major shifts of consciousness during the past year we reach a balancing scale this December full moon, in which we need to adjust to our 5th dimension work console and point of view. The earth will always be in a state of 3D, what differs now is that a quarter of planet is now operating in the fifth dimension mind set. Bringing about change like never before.

On March the 9th 2016 during the new moon and solar eclipse another burst of light from the far reaches of another galaxy radiate upon earth to carry through the rest of us who are ready to cross to the fifth dimension ascension energy. Another brief download of knowledge is passed to us at this time. Those 5Ds who transcended in the first wave of ascension will now have access to the 6th and 12th dimensions through their astral travels.

This December full moon asks us to reflect upon our growth how far we have come personally and on a community level to bring us where we are today. This reflection will further enhance our ability to receive the next download of information. The light reflected off the moon is not always the sun. Happy Holidays ! © by psychic medium Ian Scott.


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