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Full Moon 2018 February Lunar Eclipse Meaning

full moon february 2018
Full Moon February 2018 Australia Total Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon February 2018 Astrology

The full moon February 2018 Australia falls on the 31st – 1st and is in the sign of Leo. The February 2018 astrology focuses on the total lunar eclipse. An intensely powerful moon. The lunar eclipse activates our emotional centre and revitalizes our true passions. Doubling this psychic energy of the full moon lunar eclipse. Is the moon resides in Cancer constellation the crab. Adding to the emotionally charged time of the full moon. Take care of your loved ones and those around you who are susceptible to depression and anxiety. As this full moon lunar eclipse will trigger outbursts.

With the February lunar eclipse quincunx Neptune, expect a heightening of full moon lunacy. As the people under the moonlight battle inner demons and emotional conflict. At the same time feel empowered by the full moon to tackle and heal past emotional baggage. Bringing about a future free from enslavement to our emotions and clear foresight.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning Spiritual

The full moon February 2018 lunar eclipse provides psychic insights to our own personal future. Full moon spiritual rituals play an important role this full moon. Meditate and conjure forth the power of the lunar eclipse to see glimpses of your future. Such vital information. If you don’t like what you see, be sure to change things around you now. As to avoid your negative future seeings. Feeling content with the visions you see augers your wishes come true.

The future always depends on what we do today. Our actions and thoughts of the present moment set into motion a serious of events which become our future. We all have the power to change our future. Through the choices and decisions, we make. Make your own future bright and happy.

Full moon spiritual rituals advanced. Light a blue candle on the night of the full moon lunar eclipse. Scribe your candle with the rune of the spiritual warrior Tiwaz. Place a bowl of water next to the candle. So you can see the candlelight reflected in the water. Open the third eye slowly and gaze into the bowl of water. Blink your eyes occasionally. The visions you see will be brief but detailed and leave a strong impression. Enough for you to gather the story together. Hold wise thought and contemplation over the visions you see. And put into actions any recommendations of change by your spirit guides. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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