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Full Moon February 2019 Astrology

Full Moon February 2019 Astrology
Full Moon Astrology February 2019


 February Full Moon 2019 Astrology influences and metaphysical
and spiritual meanings for the supermoon from psychic medium Ian Scott

Full Moon February Astrology Meanings

The full moon super moon arrives on the 19th of February 2019 and sits at 0° in the star sign of Virgo.  This full moon brings excitement, love, passion and a little romance. A time to remember all the good things in life. Shaping a positive mindset. Be ready for new relationships and friendships to surprise you out of nowhere.

Mars conjunct Uranus breathes life into projects we thought were finished. Bringing a new beginning to an old project. This time use fanatic resolves and pay close attention to detail. Fine tuning and finding a fresh motivation to push through the setbacks.

Venus conjunct Neptune augers a collaboration, correction and guidance towards fairness. Elusive energy which when harnessed properly enhances one’s aura to shine truth and justice. A good time to right some wrongs and make amends for previous misjudgements of others.

Full Moons Spiritual Meaning

The February full moons combined energy flow and a unique concoction of cosmic influence. Drives us forward releasing the past and welcoming our future. It is important to keep your thoughts positive during this period.

Not just about the future but also the past. Try to harbour no bad feelings or worry and regret of the past. As this may stop you being able to release past problems altogether. If you’re always striving to become a better person. All mistakes become tools for personal and spiritual growth. © by psychic medium Ian Scott

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