Astrology Full Moon February 2015

Full Moon February 4th In Leo 2015 AEST

Full Moon Feb 2015

The full moon is in Leo this month and forms some really lovely aspects, along with some other rather complex ones. Mercury Rx conjuncts the Sun in opposition to the Moon emphasising the polarities of emotion and intellect. A real pull between left and right brain. But Jupiter is in opposition to them both which is one of the most positive aspects bringing enthusiasm, optimism and good luck.

The Moon also trines Saturn enabling us to take a more sober and realistic view of life and the past events that these two retrogrades are presenting to us right now. Jupiter trines Uranus ensuring that some big changes are about to take place – more likely than not, in your relationships.

Uranus squares Pluto just to make sure that the issue is done and dusted. If your partner wants some space – let them have it, for if the truth be known, it’s what you really want as well. Stay with the positivity that Jupiter brings and this full moon should help put your life well and truly on track.

Socializing will reach its peak at this time as will the exchange of messages and information. Gossip will abound. It is a time to adjust your schedules or prioritize your goals, set time tables and plan events.

As this full moon falls on the festival celebrations of Imbolc (N.H.) and Lugnasad (S.H.); take these things with you into your ceremony as this is where the work can be most easily done. © Jyoti Eagles

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