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Full Moon January 2018 Astrology

full moon January 2018 astrology

Full moon January 2018 Australia falls on the 2nd at 11° cancer. The astrology aspect Moon trine Neptune sends out a vibration of mystery. Coupled with a sensual almost obsessive energy. A little time is needed to see out this energy as any major decisions made at this time are fickle.

Full Moon January 2018 Times and Dates
New York January 1 – 9:24 pm
Sydney January 2 – 1:24 pm

With the full moon opposite Venus adding a strong flavour of love and romance. Although not without obstacles to weave around as above moon trine Neptune. A careful balance between loving someone and being overemotional and smothering is needed. Be cautious of things being blown out of proportion stay calm and smart minded. And the beauty of real love shines through this January full moon.

Full Moon January 2018 Meaning Spiritual

Part of knowing thyself is knowing the soul. Along, our spiritual journey from time to time. A doorway to our other lives previously lived opens. Even if just for a flicker or two. With the knowledge of who we have been and what lessons we have learned. We are able to further awaken to the age and adventures of the soul. This January full moon has the perfect energy for doing just that. Through meditation and simply just being psychically aware at this time will allow us to see a part of our past lives.

A lot of our fears and unexplainable phobias arise from previous lives. If we see what has happened to us in the past we can use this a tool to move forward. Solving and healing old wounds and closing the door to many fears and tears. The spiritual growth gained by knowing our past lives is enormous and recollects the fragments of our soul. Healing and enriching love and relationships this lifetime round. As some of the people around you now may have at one time been your mother brother sister or friend. Karma works with group soul. Cherish and learn from those around you. © psychic medium Ian Scott.

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