Astrology Full Moon January 2015

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cancer moon jan 2015

Full moon energy shifts – January 5th AEST 2015 in Cancer.

As the moon is the natural ruler of Cancer this should give us a great start for the year – “but” – she has some rather difficult aspects. There is a cluster of planets in opposition (Mercury, Venus, Sun and Pluto in Capricorn) for the couple of days surrounding the full moon as well as a few squares to harden the whole event.

Cancer is all about the home, family, women, intuition and the emotional tides that pull us with her ebb and flow.  We can expect this time to be emotionally charged, giving us the opportunity to release any family dramas that may have occurred over the festive season or old emotional blockages.

There is a grand fire trine the following week which should give us the momentum to move forward and heal and act in a positive way, but be aware that the next few days could rock your emotional boat, use it as an opportunity to connect with the feelings that arise and take personal responsibility. © Jyoti Eagles


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