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Full Moon July 2018 Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

full moon july 2018 meaning

The Full Moon in July 2018 resides in the sign of Aquarius at 4° on the 27 – 28th.  The Astrology Meaning and the spiritual and metaphysical influences on a special blood moon lunar eclipse. When the moon passes through the centre of the earth’s shadow. A complete centralized shadow not seen since June 2011. The 21st centuries longest lunar eclipse. A true spiritual experience awaits us.

Full Moon July 2018 Meaning Astrology

Mars plays the starring role in this month’s full moon being in direct opposition causing a line up with the Sun and Earth for the first time since 2003. Mars is also retrograde adding to the ferocity of his power. A river of mixed and misunderstood emotional energy shoots through to our very core.

Anger and frustration will be the result of this energy if we try to fight it. Instead, take a walk or jog or do some light stretching. Working the body will open a channel for the mars energy to become positive and useful. This will be especially true for the bulls (Taurus) and lions (Leo).

The moon is also square with Uranus blending in some illusion and mystery with a touch of confusion. As situations and circumstances become heated around you it is easy to fall victim to the energy and go that way yourself. Take a moment to recenter through this phase by staying silent. Not speaking your mind but keeping your thoughts secrets. In silence, wisdom is found. If you are an Aquarius or Pisces extra care in this area will need to taken, as you will more susceptible to this energy. Avoiding arguments and unnecessary negative energy.

full moon july 2018 meaning

Full Moon July 2018 Meaning Spiritual

Just as the wise owl sees in the darkness like it is light. The lunar eclipse blood moon shines a light on a shadow selves. Our hidden selves the true self that only we know. It is an opportunity in waiting to refine our need to hide our true selves from others.

To add to the power of this months blood moon lunar eclipse lies a conspicuous coincidence appearing in full view. The moon sits in Aquarius at 4° and 44 minutes, the 444 has significant meanings in numerology. Noticeably the magnetic attraction of higher consciousness souls joining together, finding one another. Adding to and speeding up the ascension of the planet.

The full moon July 2018 blood moon eclipse is a universal cal, a 444 trunk call. The whole planet sees and feels the energy of the lunar eclipse and the 444 meaning behind it. The universe is now awakening the whole planet. The gathering of like-minded souls with a spiritual higher consciousness working together to raise the consciousness of the planet and its people.

With a reflection of light bouncing off the moon from other planets in our galaxy and hitting earth this lunar eclipse. The energy is from another world. Get ready for a blast of soul-stirring chakra turning aura filling energy. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.Nature’s Oracle Cards

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