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Full Moon July 2015

Full Moon July  2015 Astrology Meaning

Full Moon July 2015

July Full Moon Meaning

Technically there are two full moons in July, making this month July 2nd a full moon and the 31 st a blue moon. July 2nd is in Capricorn opposing a Cancerian Sun and the 31st blue moon is in Aquarius opposing a Leo Sun.

Full Moon July the 2nd in Capricorn AEST

Capricorn gives this July full moon a rather serious and responsible flavour where you will feel you are carrying the world on your shoulders – not that you want to share this load with anyone; you’d rather tough it out. Mars is also in opposition to the full Moon which could lead to frustration and irritability if you don’t have enough vigorous physical activities or other outlets for your aggressive, feisty spirit.Neptune forms a sextile with the full moon which will magnify your emotions and sensitivity. This may soften the Mars aggression and create a peace-loving atmosphere. However, Pluto is in a wide conjunction with the moon which makes for rather intense emotions – often hidden. Your feelings and desires can be so compelling that you do things against your better judgement. Be careful of manipulation.

Full Moon Ritual July 2015

Neptune should help you to go deep into meditation at your full moon ritual, so create a beautiful space with flowers and tea light candles and hand over your emotional baggage to the gods. © by astrologer Jyoti Eagles