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Full Moon June 2015

full moon june 2015

Full moon meaning in Sagittarius

Full Moon June 2015 – 15.46° AEST

This month’s Sun/Moon opposition is between Gemini and Sagittarius. The mood is set for a rather chatty and sociable June full moon. Whereas Gemini rules short trips, school, and that old quicksilver tongue that natives of this sign possess. Sagittarius rules long-distance travel, higher education and philosophy. When these two energies oppose each other we would normally expect some great deep and meaningful’s around the hearth fire but this month Mercury – the ruler of Gemini is Retrograde until the 12th of June which could turn that quick mind and charming way of the Gemini into a forked tongue or even worse, deceit.

Sagittarius tends to say things how they are – with a certain amount of authority at the best of times, but with this energy, we could find we have a touch of foot in mouth going on and you may find yourself speaking without thinking things over. Be mindful of your thoughts and communication, but at the same time take note of the wonderful waves of inspiration and intuition that accompany this transit.

Full Moon June 2015 Ritual

In your full moon ritual or meditation this month called on the God Hermes (the winged messenger) and Artemis – to bring you clarity and a higher perspective on the circumstances in your life right now. With Mercury retrograde, you will have probably had a couple of interesting past events pop up to be looked at. This is a magical time for transforming and especially understanding these issues. Mercury and Mars are sitting a degree on either side of the Sun lending passion and fire to our communications and thoughts. Watch out for impulsive actions or anger.

There is a Grand fire trine between Jupiter, Uranus and the Moon Sagittarius is fire and Gemini is Air, which makes it a most congenial time to perform a fire ritual. Trines are lucky at the best of times and with Jupiter even more so. There are big changes are afoot; I suspect globally as well as internally on a personal level. Even if you just write down things that you want to let go of or need clarity on and burn it using a red candle, offering it to the gods to take care of for you. Send it out there with the understanding that this clarity may not come till next dark moon when Mercury has returned to a forward motion at this time. From beneath the Starry Heavens, © by astrologer Jyoti Eagles.

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