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Full Moon May 2019 Meaning

full moon may meaning
Full Blue Moon Meaning May 2019

Full moon May 2019 in Scorpio 27. Full moon meaning Astrology influences,
metaphysical and spiritual by psychic medium Ian Scott.

Full Moon May 2019 Astrology

The full blue moon on Saturday, May the 18th 2019 sits in the star sign of Scorpio at 27 degrees. Quite a spiritually challenging full moon with the sting of the scorpion ready to strike. And the full moon residing in the Lupis (wolf) constellation adds an element of judgment and vilification. Full moon opposite Mercury gives rise to our ego and our negative selves. Often pointing the finger at others for our own problems and misfortunes. A time to balance out our emotions and to heal our past regrets. This full moon brings selfish thinking and actions towards the self and others.

If you find yourself enveloped this full moon with a tense negative feeling surrounding you. Be aware that this is the energy we are all dealing with at the moment. And it is not something you are doing directly. We are to go through this energy to learn about ourselves and others.

Full Moon May 2019 Spiritual Meaning

The Astrology aspects above perfectly layout the vibration of this month of May. As we all go through a spiritual growth period. It may not seem all roses at the moment, but hang in there. As the full moon also affects the tides and a new wave of energy reaches us after the full moon passes. There are valuable spiritual and metaphysical teachings all through the universe at this time.

It is up to us to act calmly in the face of adversity, so we may react with wisdom and clarity. Remembering younger souls will first blame others and all things on the outside before they look at themselves. As a child of the moon Earth to goes through the same changes we do. The power is not within the moon but within the reflection of light, it emits to earth. This light is from galaxies and universes far away, this light energy affects each and every one of us. Know this when pressure mounts, as pressure may be relieved with a steam of metaphysical knowledge. as channeled by © psychic medium Ian Scott

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  1. Jen- Prairie Sky Wellness says:

    ‘Remembering younger souls will first blame others and all things on the outside before they look at themselves’. That was very well said. I used to be that way myself until I learned that I needed to point the finger at myself first before doing that to others.
    Thank you for this.