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Full Moon November 2018 Meaning

Full Moon November 2018


Full Moon November 2018 Astrology

The full moon falls on November 23rd, 2018 at 0° Gemini in the Pleiades Star Cluster. Bringing new hope for those who are lost. Reigniting forbidden connections and spiritually charging and cleansing the auras and souls of earth.

With the full moon square mars, the fire signs will receive a fresh and always wanted burst of energy. Helping to tackle some rather huge personal projects. The air signs will flourish over the full moon passionately thriving on the mars energy.

Moon opposite Jupiter brings some welcome new beginnings and fresh starts. Encouraging the adventurer in all of us, and driving creative ambitions for the future. A time to revel in the excitement of change, change you foresee as good and positive. A little luck surrounds this full moon a chance to bring forward those things you are wanting.

Full Moon November 2018 Times and Dates

Los Angeles – 22 November, 9:39 pm
New York – 23 November, 0:39 am
London – 23 November, 5:39 am
Sydney – 23 November, 3:39 pm

Full Moon November 2018 Spiritual Meaning

This November full moon 2018 is a time to gather your energies both spiritual and physical. Look after the body so it is ready for extra work to make things happen. Entice the soul to surface with all its love by creating such a frame of mind. Focus on finding inner peace.

This foundation will prepare us for the breaking down of amnesia which stops us from seeing the immortal soul and all its lives. Allowing a complete download of information from the Pleiades star system. Arming the lightworkers with much-needed wisdom. Wisdom to help others see clearly and with the spirit at the forefront. Aiding the next wave of vibrations towards love and honesty as the shift of consciousness for the people of earth. Take this rare opportunity to program your crystals frequency to that of the Pleiades Star System by placing them in the moonlight this full moon. © psychic medium Ian ScottNature’s Oracle Cards