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Full Moon November 2019 Astrology

Full Moon November 2019 Astrology. 19 degrees Taurus. Spiritual Influences and
metaphysical meanings from psychic medium Ian Scott.

full moon november 2019 astrology
full moon November 2019 astrology

Full Moon November 2019 Astrology

Full Moon Tuesday the 12th of November 2019 AEST. 19 degrees Taurus. Sun in Scorpio opposite Moon in Taurus. For the earth signs of the zodiac Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn this full moon reflects an image of themselves back at them. Creating an opportunity for spiritual enlightenment and personal development.

Taurus opposite Mercury. (crow) Full moon opposite Mercury in retrograde. Sometimes to move forwards we have to go back over the past. Locking something away deep in your soul so you cannot feel it, is not healing only masking. A full emotional release and an outward pouring of the truth will heal the most troubled soul. Lightworkers put your hats on muggles (non-magic folk) are coming toward the light and they need our help to pass through.

Family morals and values will be of notable focus over the full moon, with many needing attention. With love at head of the compass rather than anger and frustration long, drawn-out quarrels may be solved.


Even in a dark moon

light is found

And a full moon

is not always round

Spiritual Influences

Personal challenges and self-improvement (wolf) affect us all during this November full moon. The universe asks of you to return to your roots finding comfort in your past, so you may grow stronger and taller. Darkness is, “yes” all around us and if we chose to tune into it. Possession takes place and it becomes almost impossible to escape its hideous clutches.

On the brighter side tuning into love releases us from those holds. Freeing our soul to again know the magic and universal right of free will. Love is looking always you only need to notice. Once you do open your arms and embrace it.

Allowing love in, burn white sage for clarity on the night of the full moon along with a pink candle for love and a yellow candle for excitement. Sing your favourite songs and humm your favourite tunes. Dance in the full moon light, share its power to refresh, teach and cleanse. © Ian Scott

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