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Full Moon November 2015

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Full Moon November Astrology

Full Moon November Astrology Meaning

Full Moon November 25th in Gemini 3° this month’s full moon kicks off Saturn square Neptune which will hold it influences through most of 2016.  A powerful and overwhelming aspect bringing in a strong sense of reality and severe harshness of truth. A time when we need to be aware of the darker side of ourselves, learning to love and understand the deepest corners of our closed away feelings.

Mercury conjunct Saturn adds to the complexity of serious truths to reveal themselves this November full moon cycle, the world will be waking up to revelation after revelation of the not so good kind. This darker energy is a positive one if one has grounded spiritual values of realistic proportions, on the other hand, if one is caught in depression or anxiety this full moon will be a challenge. Unfortunately, these energy shifts bring out the darker side of human nature and those travelling this path will feel empowered. An extremely edgy full moon with highlights of things to come in 2016.

Spiritual Meaning Full Moon November 2015

The spiritual meaning behind the November full moon is one of deliberate organization and completion. Keeping focused and busy on your end of year goals now will guarantee their success. Emotionally this full moon activates a strong pull toward family, igniting closer bonds, take this opportunity to repair any relationships which have become fractured.

The best way to tackle the emotional and turbulent energies of the November full moon is to be spiritually aware of some downtime and that darkness allows us to shine and test our light. Meditation will align the subtle emotional bodies to relieve one of stress and anxiety produced by the full moon energy shifts this November. © by Psychic medium Ian Scott