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Full Moon October 2018 Astrology

Full Moon October 2018 Astrology
October Full Moon 2018 Astrology And Spiritual Meaning

The Full Moon October 25th 2018 Astrology this month sits in the sign of Taurus at 1°13′. Studying the metaphysical influences and spiritual changes affecting the planet and its people.

Full Moon October 2018 Astrology Meaning

The Full moon October 25th arrives at 3:45 am AEST in the sign of Taurus with a strong conjunction with the planet Uranus. Although an unsettling energy at times, in this case, it offers surprise encounters with others of a social nature. Leading to revelations of the self and welcomed company of the like-minded. A time to push down inhibitions and allow the soul to soar and seek excitement and adventure.

Sitting opposite Uranus is Venus acting as a loving guided infusion to this month’s full moon. A time when others will share secrets with you, revealing their true selves and ask for your loyalty. A good energy to repair relationships of all kinds, use this October full moon as a kick starter to put your story forward.

Saturn also offers a spicey flavouring to the astrological mix. October will be full of people wanting to shock and horrify us it will be a high energy full moon. Giving power to the lunacy of a full moon. Expect the unexpected this month as emotions will be triggered easily. Try to avoid conflict of any kind as it will swell like the seas causing unnecessary hurt in the future. The new moon October 2018 in Libra starts this procession of energy for the full moon.

Full Moon October 2018 Times And Dates

Los Angeles – 24th October 9:45 am
New York – 24th October 12:45 pm
London – 24th October 5:45 pm
Sydney – 25th October 3:45 am

Full Moon October 2018 Spiritual Meaning

There is a tension in the air a black dragon in the skies, an unsettling background anxiety which we will all feel. This full moon energy drives us to find to our healing selves. Putting forward the question how are you dealing with stress and tension? Thoughts are energy and this is the only way to affect the body and mind. If our thoughts are allowed to run rampant with negative influences. We bring all kinds of unwanted energy to us. Affecting us not only emotionally but physically too.

Dealing with stress and tension starts with us learning to relax and become calm in severely stressful situations. This is achieved by not allowing the mind to wonder or think of negative scenarios. We can talk ourselves into bad health, financial ruin and emotional distress very easily if that’s all we think about.

The very first time you feel stress during your day expel it with your thoughts. Bring in feelings of power and accomplishment instead. Take two seconds out to close the eyes and take a deep breath while having the thought of releasing stress and tension as you breathe out. In the calmness of the mind might and magic are found, stress and tension have no power over you. Mastering the mind allows the soul to see where it could not before. See Ian’s written guided meditations for more insight > © psychic medium Ian ScottNature’s Oracle Cards