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Full Moon October Meaning 2017

full moon october meaning

Full moon October Astrology 2017

The October full moon 2017 Australia falls on the 6th at 4.40am in the sign Aries (12°). (EDT Oct 5th at 2.41pm). The aspects for the October full moon are moon opposite Mercury a delightful mix of playful and serious energy. A time when we need to self-reflect on our previous mistakes with our relationships and friendships so we don’t repeat them again. A great chance to heal old wounds and mend broken connections with loved ones.

Sun quincunx Neptune. Quite a sensitive energy persuading us to follow our intuitions to live in the moment and seize the opportunities which present themselves around us. Augers an influence of ambition and confidence gently pushing us to improve the quality and quantity of our lives.

October Spiritual Meaning

Full Moon October Meaning Spiritual

The October full moon is also known as the blood moon and or the Ivy moon. Each full moon of each month of the year contains a unique vibration a special energy with which to work with. The full moon in all its magnificent glory represents the universe itself a reflection of cosmic events shone upon the earth. The perfect time to align your magickal intentions for enlightenment psychic insight and visions of the future.

This October full moon, allow yourself to be captivated and driven by the creative fire spirit, which rains lightning from the sky in the guise of ideas and visions from the universe to your conscious awareness. Meditate on this October full moon for clarity into projects that lay ahead for you. So as to grasp the most potent energy with which to work your magic. Moving us all ever so closer to higher spiritual consciousness. Light a green candle on the night of the full moon for peace, tranquillity and to usher forth your wishes and desires. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.