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Oracle Card Full Moon

Spiritual New Age Meditation Music – Full Moon Tonight And
oracle card Full moon from the 44 Nature’s Oracle card deck. by Ian Scott.

full moon oracle card

Nature’s Oracle Introduction

Nature’s Oracle the way of energy a spiritual Oracle focused on raising one’s consciousness toward an understanding of the self, peace, and compassion. Ian Scott psychic medium channeled Nature’s Oracle back in 2007, working and writing with his spiritual guides fast forward a few years, and Nature’s Oracle cards have touched many hearts and opened many minds. Take a journey into the world of wisdom inspired by the magical and spiritual presence of sacred tree groves around the world. Learn more about Nature’s Oracle here >

 Full Moon Oracle Card

A correlation of strong cosmic reflection

Time to recharge, fill yourself with universal nourishment.
Absorb it’s light, allow it to become a part of you.
Do not resist its power or it will turn negative.

The best start to a new project is to conceptualize it on a full moon.
The window to the healing energies of the earth.
What you put out now has an instant return.

© as channeled by psychic medium Ian Scott.Nature’s Oracle Cards

Nature’s Oracle Cards

Nature’s Oracle (The way of energy) a divination Oracle card system, that acts as a spiritual learning tool, to help one raise their consciousness with ascension in mind and develop one’s psychic potential.


New Age Meditation Music – Full Moon Tonight

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