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Full Moon September Meaning 2017

full moon September

Full Moon September Astrology 2017

The full moon September 2017 Australia, falls on the 6th and sits at 13° Pisces. The moon conjunct Neptune this September full moon adds a spiritual twist, the message of the leopard, one of self-recognition, and personal development.

On the second shadow, Mercury direct on the 5th of September in Leo hails significant heightened energy for the full moon period. Bringing to our attention our inner anger and issues which frustrate us. Knowing the reasons or triggers to holding a hostile environment within our own mind and body is a trophy occasion one to be celebrated. Because this is enlightenment you can now divert such negative energy when you feel it coming in. To a positive healthy mind set. Accomplishing this will give you a smooth ride through the month of September.

Spiritual Power Of The Full Moon

Full Moon September Spiritual Meaning

The duality of planet Earth succumbs to a rhythm of ebb and flow, a constant change of tides and energy shifts. If the balance is tipped one way that way it will stay. There are examples of love and hate every day from all over the world. Focusing on the good and loving side of the human experience and sharing it with others is the very thing that keeps the balance on the side of love and unity. To do this we still must find a way to swim through the rough waters and fight the tides of negativity and hatred.

Learning to swim the currents of ebb and flow of universal energy, no matter the obstacles transforms us into a stronger human being and heightens our spiritual power.  Not allowing ourselves the ability to change and move with the flow, denies our very souls of movement and advancement in spiritual and or earthly matters. Love is found the very moment you open your eyes as a new born, you bring it with you from the far reaches of the collective universe itself. Love is built inside our very souls sometimes we lose this connection and stray from our core energy. But there are many roads to find our way back again to the loving core that exists in all the souls of the universe. © as channeled by psychic medium Ian Scott.