A Real Ghost Fish Story

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Paranormal Fishing Trip

ghost fish

Ghost Fish

Recently my son was fishing in his tinny on Port Philip Bay around Melbourne. He had 3 rods in the water and they all struck at once. He grabbed the two closest ones, but the third came out of its holder and flew past him before he could get to it. He was really upset because it was his best and most expensive rod which his brother had given him.

He was trying to work out how he would ever explain to his brother how he’d lost it when my father (who keeps an eye on all of my family from the other side) “laughed” and reminded him of a time he had when they rescued a crab pot on one of their fishing ventures by trawling over the area. At that very moment one of the other 2 rods pulled hard and he wound it in as quickly as possible. Low and behold, his best and most expensive rod surfaced still with the 6-foot shark attached to the other end. What are the odds of that small hook finding the exact spot on the rod, floating on the ocean floor? – Jyoti Eagles


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