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Psychic Beginnings

Psychic beginnings Real Australian story online as told by Ian Scott
his personal account of how the spirit world first started to contact him.

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Psychic Beginnings I hear you In My Mind

An exciting day at school today, a year 5 class trip to the museum across town. I remember the ride to the museum, a busload of 11 years old’s screaming their way through the city. Regardless of the noise, I’d drift off in my own little world staring out the window watching the public and cars go by. Halfway along our journey, we were driving past a group of shops that I had recognized. I know this road, I think to myself that makes me about 20 min’s from home.

I didn’t think of it after that, I enjoyed my day goofing off in the museum. On our way home our bus ride was a little different the driver was stopping on the way back to school if you were close to home you may get off. Three-quarters into the trip I noticed I was alone on the bus in-between my trance of staring out the window.

All of a sudden I saw a picture in my mind of the shops we had traveled passed before. It was just a flash but the strange thing was I had my eyes open, I was not seeing through them. That second a thought came over me to count the change in my pocket, one dollar thirty in total. Just as I counted the last few cents, another thought rushed in that felt as if it was not my own, it said: “get off the bus”. In my own mental chatter I thought well, I have enough money to catch another bus home. I thought to myself, hang on a minute why am I getting off the bus. As I said that I looked up out the window again, there were those same shops. Without thinking this time, I rang the bell and stepped off the bus.

I Hear You Psychically

Walking over to the shops mesmerized and clearly heading for a particular shop, the one with the old red door. It turned out to be a small and cluttered little second-hand bookstore. With the token little old lady at the helm. Not knowing what I was doing there, I decided to look at the bookshelf in front of me, as I did out of nowhere a book from the top shelf fell out and landed on my foot. I picked it up and noticed the old lady curiously looking at me as if she noticed the book remove itself from the shelf.

It was a small red hard covered book, I closed it up turned it over and read the title “ Foreseeing the Future” Oh I said to myself not really understanding what that meant. I turned the book over again and noticed the price tag a dollar thirty. I remember getting excited that I had the money to buy this book. Again without thinking, I rushed over to the little old lady who greeted me with a huge but a little scary smile and paid for the book. Making my way out of the shop tucking the book safely into my school bag.

Things get a little weird now. I cannot remember anything for a time period of about four hours after I walked out of that shop. I remember mum calling me from outside for dinner. I remember waking up the next morning and being excited to see, what this book was all about.

I still do not know how I got home that day, not having any more money for extra bus rides, or what happened to those four hours. The book was simply a general knowledge book on metaphysical subjects such as the Tarot, Palmistry, and the I-Ching. I no longer have the book and do not know what happened to it.  © as channeled by psychic medium Ian Scott.Nature’s Oracle Cards