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Sister Circle Goddess Oracle Reading

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free online goddess oracle reading
Online Oracle Reading

The free online sister circle goddess oracle card reading, capture the power of the woman.  Our ascension depends on getting in touch with our feminine side regardless of our gender. With the move from power and greed to one of love and honesty back in 2012. The embrace of the feminine is now in full force. It is important at this stage we remain balanced moving forward. As the female energy and the male energy combine in ourselves to create spiritual beings. The online goddess oracle contains seven cards delivered at random. Allowing chance and spirit to intervene in the spiritual answers you receive.

Sister Circle Goddess Oracle Reading


A fortunate blissful energy surrounds your soul.

Healing is here and with you.

No matter the circumstances no matter how hard the situation.

The magical prowess of woman uplifts all with peace and understanding.


How To Use The Online Goddess Oracle

Shuffle the cards using the text below the deck either click or tap depending on which device you’re using. Step two click or tap the flip card text button below the deck on the right. This will reveal your goddess. Step three click or tap on the goddess image to reveal the oracle card meaning. To retry, repeat the process. Use this as a daily inspirational oracle. Or to ask the oracle a question, hold the question in your mind. Whisper it to yourself and proceed to shuffle the cards and choose one card. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian ScottNature’s Oracle Cards

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