Elephant Poem

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Spiritual Elephant Poem

elephant poem

I am large, I am Grand but I do not stand over you
Earth is my backyard and I walk the promenade
I do dance and sing with tricks aplenty
But none of these is for your comedic fix
I am astonishingly strong but I am gentle
I unconditionally love and protect and I do not forget
I am the ancient Elephant

Proud Yes!

Courageous Yes!

Unafraid No!

I have seen it all before
Rivers of blood
Men hatred and war
Using me to feed the poor

I am Royal Elephant
Not to be made trinkets of for the rich
Or to leave me stuck in some ditch
But you do need to treasure me
For the Earth feels my footsteps

There her heartbeat we live together as one we make the rain come
I am The Grand Elephant and I teach preservation and unity. #savetheelephants © Ian Scott

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