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green witch

The Green Witch. Are you a green witch? which witch? The Earth lives and breathes on its own without us, but without the Earth, we have no home. The green Witch is devoted to the role of caretaker for the home in which the witch lives. Praising and helping the Earth and all her cycles of natural pure Earth magic.

Path Of The Green Witch

The self-sustaining Green Witch is bound to have several gardens in which he or she potters in Earth magic. A rich variety of herbs for cooking, medicinal purposes and spells. Flowers for the presence of beauty and the feeling of tranquillity. And of course, a fruit and vegetable garden that provides the Green Witch with all the vitamins and minerals the Green Witch will ever need. In the process of growing plants and herbs, much is learnt about the seasons and cycle of life. Naturally teaching the wheel of the year.

Celebrating and working with the seasons and elements is connecting with Earth itself helping in the process of life and abundance. Living in the natural flow of Mother Earth herself, our home. Earth needs no more destructors she is literally finding it hard to breathe. The Green Witch reverses this process.

How To Become A Green Witch

Living with the land and using the sun as energy just as the plants and animals do is the Green Witches moto. As a caretaker of Earth, the Green Witch vows to look after the Earth’s creatures plants and trees. Understanding and utilizing the spirits of animals and trees as guides goddesses and gods. Raven and Owl are kindred spirits with the Green Witch. Each and every living thing has a spirit which lives on in other worlds. The Green Witch communicates with the spirit world and the fey folk of Earth’s hidden dimensions.

A healthy mind is just as important for the Green Witch devoting time every morning to meditate. Enveloping her prayers and goodwill toward the Earth and all its living things. A caretaker of Earth stands up and speaks out giving a voice to the Earth’s moans and groans of mistreatment from its most popular inhabitant. Unfortunately us. The Green Witch carries much weight in tipping the balance from dark to light and works this way ultimately in hope of it staying that way. © by psychic medium Ian Scott. – Nature’s Oracle Cards

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