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Grow Your Own Herb Garden

Grow your own Herb Garden In the Summer months a majority of herbs
don’t require a lot of water they are able to absorb it from the humid air.

grow your own herb garden

Grow Your Own Herb Garden

Creating your own organic Herb and Vegetable garden at home is not only a fun way of producing your own fresh food but is also cost-effective and an easy way of living pesticide-free. Being in a tropical climate but a few degrees cooler than Darwin allows us to have a broader range of growing crops in FNQ.


The large majority of the plants we need to grow our temperate climate plants ( plants that are used to only moderate temperature changes from summer to winter)  these are best suited for the tropics. You can do it ! all plants thrive in the tropics, you just have to start thinking like the plant e.g. where the plant came from, what climate and watering conditions are they used to.

Thyme is probably the best example it originates from southern Europe it lives in a climate that during the summer months it might only get rain 3 or 4 times a yr. So to grow your Thyme give it a flood of water then doesn’t water it for a week. In an attempt to give the climate it’s used to.

Have You Thyme?

Brew a tea of Thyme for the relief of bronchitis,
coughs, and asthma also very useful to the digestive tract.

In the Summer months, a majority of herbs don’t require a lot of water they are able to absorb it from the humid air. They normally don’t grow in 80 – 90 % humidity so they only need a small drink. Always water underneath the plant’s foliage directly to the root system.

In humid climates, there is a problem with fungus if the leaves stay wet by spraying them you will have a fungus problem. A large portion of plants we grow during the dry season we can also grow in the wet season.

It’s all about pre-planning your garden alternating your plants and herbs so they are not clumped together in the same varieties, having appropriate watering, drainage and being prepared to work with the elements. – Ange Marxsen

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