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Happy Healthy You

Happy healthy you. Repeating this affirmation several times a day will
instill confidence, self-worth and encourage change through positive vision.

Happy Healthy You

Spiritual Awareness Positive Thinking

Be sure not to have any distractions or disturbances. In silence and comfortable surroundings breathe in deeply, relax, feel your body weight sinking into contention.

Personal Development Happy Healthy You

Breathe deeply in through the nose and exhale out of the mouth. Read the affirmation several times, say it out loud, say it silently, learn it, remember it, and repeat it each time you feel you are drifting out of the love zone.

Visualization – Affirmation

I have reached a state of peace with myself
I am guided by clear intuition
I am accepting and supporting of myself and others
I give generously and receive in abundance
I am healthy and alive with passion
I am naturally healing each and everyday

Repeating this stay positive affirmation several times a day will instill confidence, self-worth and encourage change through a positive vision of oneself. © by psychic medium Ian Scott  #happinesss

psychic medium Ian Scott

About The Author, Ian is a Professional Psychic Medium from Australia has over 30 years of experience. Author of Nature’s Oracle Cards. Ian’s amazing psychic ability and warmth and compassion for others is well known. Ian created Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine to share his automatic writing ability. Channeling messages for the general public. Giving a global voice to our spiritual guides. Join him on his quest in sharing enlightenment with the world. A spiritually awakened soul nurtures the earth allowing it to thrive. Read his entire profile >

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