Heal The Past Open Wounds

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Healing The Past

Happy Pictures, Sad Images
Burnt grass, hurt Hearts,
I walk on a path of Broken glass..

I need something temporary
To take away this permanency
I need something cleansing
To pacify this sordid stain

The keeper of my soul
Awaits and guards my heart
With only the appearance of being whole
For the stitches are falling apart..

Infect a form, make a host
Haunting memories of corruption, leave the mark of a ghost
Prolonged shadows fall silent
Revealing colours with staggering violence..

Still I continue on my walk to meet my fate,
For I know not how else to alleviate this weight..
As the whispers of repressed memories flash and play
on and on until my sanity starts to fade…

No matter how long it may have been
Or how far I may have run
The past forgotten returns to have its fun

It happens when I least expect it to..
When I am sleeping soundly, dreaming of days of anew
When I am laughing hard and the world seems so true

When I am working with integrity, refusing to be subdued..
Always afraid of what more I will remember
It leaves a residue, scars cut deep into such fragile chambers
Searing and burning silently like fresh ash covered embers

Blood pumping and feeding each one
Helping them grow healthy and stealthily
Praying no one will even notice anything

As I seek an angel, a Mithras
For a cure, a Mithri date.. © Wendee Valencia

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