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Spiritual Awakening

As the New Year approaches a lot of us are left to not only contemplate the year just gone, but also the year to come. I am not usually a fan of the “New Year’s resolution “, it is normally just another thing on an always long to do list. This coming year though, I feel will be different; we have all chosen to be here at such a special time how could it not be.

Duty of Care

So I am proposing for myself a Duty of care. I am promising that in this coming year to take better care of myself and my surroundings. Not just focus on one particular aspect of myself that i would like to possibly change, really put an effort into taking care of myself which in turn allows me to take care of others.

The year past for a lot of us has been about healing ourselves and letting go of the past. In that we have had to really delve into ourselves and for a lot of us it’s not all light, most people have gotten to a state of empathy through experience.
Sometimes it feels as if there are pieces of ourselves we thought lost, stolen or broken. They are not for it is not possible. They cannot be given away or taken from you. They bent or warped but never broken. This is character building and nothing to fear, the most interesting people are a little warped at best.

This realization is very important; to know that we are whole and that even in our darkest hours this has been so.
So in this coming year of an exciting new age, I suggest we leave behind our bitterness, frustration, greed and lies and truly move into the age of Love and Honesty.
Let’s face it we live in scary times and we cannot afford to lie to ourselves about it any longer.
We need to love and care for ourselves and our surroundings. Only then can we achieve unity.

Ange Marxsen


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