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Evolving Into Unified Heart Consciousness

Evolving into Unified Heart Consciousness:
Awakening Heart and the Embodiment of Presence.
A shift to a new paradigm of heart centred living.

heart consciousness
heart consciousness

Heart Consciousness

An open heart knows that we are as one, in unity, and we are enslaved in a low frequency only by our collective untransmuted pain.  While pain is trapped in the shadows, the unconscious, this disconnection may play out as projection, denial, control, evil, destruction, or blame,  rather than as energy owned, acknowledged, felt and shifted through the heart with compassion.

Unified heart consciousness transmutes the pain, and there within the gifts of the heart frequency are revealed.  Radical love in action.  Compassion.  Cooperation. Truth. Freedom.  Feeling.  Attunement.  A blueprint for a new society. A shift to a new paradigm of heart centred living.

Once a heart has burst opened raw to release the pain, and empathetic energetic connection is felt through the body, the heart, the nervous system and knows its connection to source.  Once our hearts are truly opened to the rawness, fragility and vulnerability of the human condition, it knows surrender.  We do not have ultimate control which is humbling.  The pain can no longer be contained in the shadows, as repressed, shamed,  unresolved trauma.  Your pain is my pain, felt collectively.

The heart knows the way

In unified heart consciousness, we rise together as one, and we feel it in our body and know it in our hearts.  We know that a shared power template results in social justice and heart centred leaders would facilitate the even distribution of power, and would operate as a circle, not as a hierarchy.

We see the dynamics of the shadows playing out in the world.  The assault of those in power onto the most vulnerable.  The stigmatisation of those traumatised, in poverty, homeless, broken by a fractured, cold, controlled, disconnected society.  Our culture idolises the fake and popular, yet dismisses the humble and genuine.  Social conversation encourages fake positivity rather than connecting authentically.  People value status over the freedom of the human spirit, to avoid the fear of embracing our true nature and owning vulnerability.  Our reconnection, allows us to live in a way that honours our spirit and hearts, collectively.

The nature of pain and trauma means it is shifted with feeling it and being held in a safe, loving and connective web of sensitivity and support.  Trauma can not be shifted alone, in disconnection and isolation. The only way out is through, in unity.

The rising of a new connected humanity, the co-creation of a compassionate community is grounded through the frequency of unified heart consciousness, love truly embodied. Connecting to the source, diving deep into ourselves, opens us to truth and initiates radical love in action. The heart knows the way. © Jesarah – Learn more about the author here  Awakening Heart and Embodiment of Presence

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