A Spiritual Poem: Proteus Has Risen From The Heavily Darkened Sea

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Spreading his power dreading the dead won’t see his desperation
Because Triton has heard Neptune’s call to usher in the age of Aquarius on command.
He is preparing and readying his weathered horn for this cycles final blow.

neptunes poetry

For man on land cannot demand on what has been divinely planned
The show has already begun its time to become one and whole, spiritual forces aglow.

The Great Sphinx of Giza grows weary of his cold stony slumber
Vexed in nightmares stretching twenty centuries fulfilling sacred texts
Ancient scripts revealing their grip on old souls previewing the right triple eclipse.

Time is not a line but a circle with ghostly ships on never-ending, ascending trips.
Universal signs daring all into re-evolution its the only solution.
Re reaching the starting point on new levels, absolution of reality in reversal.

Retribution Not persecution beginning on different wave lengths
Imprinting vital spirits visualizing the impending future strength
Remembering strength in contending forms are forever naturally born

All life is balanced therefore light and dark cannot be forlorn
Our free right of will from the first morn and after earth is reborn will have this proven Enlightenment.
It is essential cos universal destiny will not be unwoven.

The thriving and striving has been engraved will not be in vain
The brain on the ninth level wont be able to feign a closed mind
Domains on the next plane seem only fathomable to the mentally ill and physically blind.

Keep in mind this was all predesigned to benefit all to become aligned
As the sun, stars and planets are preparing, following suite the only option for mankind

Warriors, Healers, and co-Creators pre-assigned through-out time.. – Wendee Valencia Red rose



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