Wiccan Herbs List and their uses for spirituality and Wicca purposes,
healing medicinal purposes and growing them in your own garden.

Wiccan Herbs List

Herbs and their uses both medicinally and metaphysically and of course spiritually. The magical mystical and intriguing plant world, ready to amaze and fascinate you. A wonderful journey into herbalism and shamanism to create a natural healing experience. Whether its through food or ingestion or touch the plants of the Earth look after us. If we only let them. – Disclaimer

Herbs As Medicine 

Healing Herbs how to grow and use them in our everyday lives, a true calling back to nature. Learn the herbs of Wicca and ancient medicine as we delve into the uses of our all-natural medicinal herbs. © psychic medium Ian Scott. For an introduction to Druid herbal lore see here >

Companion Planting 


A natural easy solution for keeping bugs, diseases, and pests away from your home garden is companion planting; it is basically the arrangement of different plants, herbs, and flowers in close proximity for the benefit of one, both or all involved. Companion Planting Continue reading >

Wiccan Herbs List


Angelica Spiritual Wicca Meanings And Uses


Magickal Patchouli – The Scent of Seduction


Mystical magical mugwort metaphysical meanings

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel symbolism, a true symbol of protection


Lavender Meaning In Wiccan, it is said to increase clairvoyance.


Marshmallow plant uses and symbolism


Alfalfa herb medicinal uses


Rosemary is used as a symbol of love


Coriander spiritual meaning is steeped in history and magic


Hyssop herb meaning

Rose Geranium

Rose Geranium Medicinal Benefits

White Sage

The magical art of clearing and purifying


Catnip Medicinal Benefits.

Holy Basil

Holy basil Medicinal Benefits and properties