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Medicinal And Spiritual Uses Of Herbs

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Healing Herbs how to grow and use them in our everyday lives, a true calling back to nature. Learn the herbs of Wicca and ancient medicine as we delve into the uses of our all natural medicinal herbs. © psychic medium Ian Scott. For an introduction into Druid herbal lore see here >

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Lavender – Scent of the goddess

Lavender uses and medicinal benefits
Lavender flowers for health

Herbs Meaning

The name lavender is derived from the Latin word lavare meaning to wash a reference to it being a common herb used for the washing of clothes and to scent bedding. The washerwomen of the middle ages were known as lavender. In ancient Greece and India, it is also referred to as a spikenard. Lavender Continue reading >

White Sage Meaning


Physic Garden

Healing Herbs

Mint – Sage – Oregano – Marjoram – Feverfew
Herbal medicines

In ancient times, monks and physicians grew gardens specifically full of healing herbs called Physics. A physic garden is a place where plants with medicinal properties grow. For thousands of years people have been using plants to cure all kinds of ills.  A physic garden brings an array of healing herbs into one potent place and becomes a space for learning, research and experimentation. Physic garden Continue reading >

Marshmallow Plant Herbal And Spiritual Uses

Companion Planting Herbs

Herb Garden

A natural easy solution for keeping bugs, diseases and pests away from your home garden is companion planting; it is basically the arrangement of different plants, herbs and flowers in close proximity for the benefit of one, both or all involved. Companion Planting Continue reading >

Lemon Balm Uses and Benefits

Lemon Balm

Herbs and their uses

Along with valerian, it’s often referred to as “herbal valium”.  Lemon balm is an antiviral, an astringent and an antispasmodic.  It is also high in antioxidants (flavonoids). Lemon Balm Continue reading >

Lemon Aspen

Thyme uses and benefits

Healing herbs thyme

So to grow your Thyme give it a flood of water then don’t water it for a week. In an attempt to give the climate its used to. In the Summer months, a majority of herbs don’t require a lot of water they are able to absorb it from the humid air. They normally don’t grow in 80 – 90 % humidity so they only need a small drink. Thyme Continue reading >

Rose Geranium Plant Wicca

Basil uses and benefits

Basil Herb

All herbs have a purpose—whether it’s culinary or medicinal—but, it’s a particularly good sign when an herb is revered as the “queen of herbs” and is held as a holy plant worthy of worship. This plant, holy basil (Tulsi), not only has medicinal benefits, but is also said to have spiritual benefits. Holy Basil Continue reading >

African Violet Voodoo Magic

Catnip uses and benefits

Catnip uses
CATNIP – Nepeta cataria

medicinal uses for catnip include anesthetic, antibiotic, anti-rheumatic, antispasmodic, astringent, calmative, diuretic, muscular aches and pains, rheumatism, chills, cold in the joints, hemorrhoids, toothache. Drunk with salt and honey, it expels worms from the body. Catnip Continue reading >

Alfalfa Uses and Benefits

Alfalfa uses

Healing Herbs

Alfalfa is incredibly rich in minerals and health-promoting nutrients and compounds, which is why it is so popular with farmers as food for livestock. Alfalfa contains a high amount of protein and is considered the “father of all plants”. Alfalfa Continue reading >

Muntrie Berries

Mugwort Uses and Benefits

medicinal herbs

Plants and herbs used in witchcraft

Mystical magical mugwort the herb of protection and psychic vision. Artemisia vulgaris, sometimes known as common wormwood, felon herb, travelers herb, chrysanthemum weed and Sailors tobacco (used as a alternative to tobacco when supplies run low at sea) among others. Mugwort Continue reading >