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The Hidden Oasis And The Earth Mystics

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Seed no city short story

The Earth Mystics Chapter One – The Dream

“It’s so dark,” she thought, studying the tall building from the street. The whole block covered in a coldness as though it were hiding in the shadows. But the shadows of what, there were no trees or mountains to explain this, and so with this in mind, Elysha unwillingly followed her mother, making her way up the cracked concrete stairs, to what would become their new home. “here we are”, her mother exclaimed as they reached the door with the broken number 9 , Elysha was only 10 but she could tell her mothers smile was forced and so her heart sank. Remembering…


‘Elysha’s father, her mother’s husband and soul mate had died not that long ago

Their days were cold and at night their hearts wept as they mourned

On those lands of old, opportunities were rare even for a man

So bills went unpaid and their bellies began to ache, pressure mounted

Till one day her mother made a change, she took them away, far away

Somewhere so far it helped the memories fade, numbed the taste

Somewhere new where they’d never been before, not even in thought

somewhere they could stay and get a fighting chance, start a new life again

Somewhere on their own, to heal their wounds, grasping at straws

Her mother was distant, her glow had disappeared and she stopped singing’.

Although she had grown weary she didn’t give in, she went out and soon found a job, Elysha’s mother did what she could to put food on the table, put her into a school, keep her clothed and to ensure there was a roof over there head but still she had not worn a smile. Times were tough, she had forgotten what it was like to laugh, the road was rough. It had been a while since she had a dream, till one cold night she had one she remembered well.

She recalled the next day, ‘ It was black, to begin with, and she didn’t know where she was, space and time had been held still the space around her were deep and vast, no ground.  She was floating and in the distance, she saw a small glow, she looked harder, as she did so it grew brighter, got closer, bigger, it came with a warmth she recognized, the more she looked the closer it got till she could make out a figure through the darkness.

Elysha was overwhelmed with a sense of love and so she ran to it, she ran as fast as she could, then suddenly stopped, it was her dad and his glow was incredible. It was as though she could see straight through him yet he was definitely there and without a word said he held his hands out, they were covered in dirt, she didn’t understand, he slowly opened his outstretched hands to her amongst the dirt there was a tiny seed.  In a soft voice he said to her ‘help it grow’ then as she began to cry tears she also didn’t understand, she wasn’t sure if she was happy to see him or sad to know she may not see him again, a tear fell into his hands where the dirt and seed lay, then something magical happened.

The seed cracked open and a sprout appeared, suddenly it got bigger and spread far and wide her eyes began to dry and she was beside herself in absolute awe, her entire vision became covered in a lush green, the sprout had turned into a forest, then animals started to emerge, birds, bugs, insects and all sorts of webs and nests.  She was reminded of something, something her father had shown her and taught her, something that had always helped her family reconnect and feel alive again.  Then all at once she knew what he was trying to say, she knew what she had to do, she had to find a way to make this dream come true, she had a mission to go on.. Then as she looked up he was gone, he had faded into the distance again’…

Although she was sad again she was glad he had come to her with this message and so the next morning Elysha had awoken with a new sense of purpose. She somehow felt renewed with a sense of hope a sense of oneness and with a need to help, she had to make this happen, she had to start today, she had to figure it out, her mother depended on it, whether her mother knew this or not didn’t matter coz she knew what had to happen.

But how and where, how could they reconnect in a concrete jungle, where life came to die, how could she help the love grow where only indifference, money and ignorance grew. She had not yet seen nature here, she had not seen any animal life or plants and trees, no matter, her first step was to find some, to find life among the dead, among this broken web.. to be continued – © Wendee Valencia

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