Walt Disney – Disturbing Toys

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Mickey Mouse Brain Washed

Sex Sells. All “good” marketing and advertising companies know this. We live in a world where we are bombarded with images of scantily clad men and women in very provocative poses. The aim of the game is to persuade us that if we buy the product, we too, will look and feel just like models. Later creating self esteem issues and depression because we simply cannot live up to this.

But what happens when we sexualize children’s toys?

Major companies and Big Brands know. Children are easily moulded, they are like sponges. If introduced to the great sex campaign early enough, children develop a very low sense of self-worth, and what makes them feel better? Buying the latest product marketed towards them, in one word – Consumerism.

Masonic symbols

Not only are we creating younger consumers who have longer to spend money, but we are also bringing children into a world of adult concepts. Today’s toy market aims to have children internalizing sexualized images and appropriating sexualized behaviour, long before they can even understand what it means to be a sexual being.

They promote risky behaviour and confusion in order to gain money and power. Below is a you tube video from Mike Mozart. His you tube channel, Fail Toys by jeepersmedia, has a large amount of videos pointing out just how bad this problem has become.

Warning – some viewers may find this video offensive
We apologize in the name of awareness.

Before you rush out to buy the newest fad toy for your child, stop and remember, they are innocent and easily hypnotised, they will gain more fulfilment out of simply kicking a ball around in the backyard with you. – Angela Soya

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