Inner Transformation Outward Spiritual Change

Butterfly Effect Of Being

Chameleon Change

It’s a strange process, watching someone change unnoticed. If you look closely, you’ll see how easy it is, to miss this progress day by day. With every turning moment, sunrise to sunset, whether it ran or crept up. One way or another, a step was made, front, back or side to side.

The soul is perpetual, moving, thriving, and aiming to attain something. Perplexed only by the mind and its perpendicular stance, no action sought through chance.

Perseverance of our motivations, always chasing what we truly are craving. Not about gestation, not precise calculation, these internal characterizations. Born from a subconscious beginning with experiences and experimentation’s without explanations.

Rising and being reborn every morning, socialized life stealing that feeling of being alive. Running by a thing called a clock, plans and time, scheduling in peace of mind.

Such is life, mourning for the days of yesterday coz we don’t wake up the same. Neither positive nor negative, it’s inevitable, only thought makes it subsequence and consequence. Split possibilities, millions of opportunities mixed with contingencies.

It’s amazing we can’t see the simplicity, spirals so raw, dominoes effect with twists. It’s real quick, if you know how to see it dormant neurons suddenly firing, many in seconds. And new thought occurs, course changes, another brick paved in your path.

Setting off sparks, blazing a trail, can’t backtrack co’z it disappears, dissipates into our memory banks. And when we think back, we’re someone else, looking like a narrator, a stranger to ourselves. In turn we never speak to the same person twice, even the faces change if you pay attention. How can you truly know someone when we don’t even know ourselves? Personal development.

Day by day we must learn to see each other with new eyes, a kaleidoscope of perspectives. Put it to the test not for them but for our own understanding, for we have changed too. – Wendee Valencia